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Huh? Blogging Etiquette?


     Wow. I recently received a couple of nasty comments for some of the stuff that I’ve posted. I hate the fact that I’m even acknowledging it (and the fine individuals that sent them) but what the hell. In all honesty, I laughed my ass off. There are some real chicken-shit people out there.

      Therefore, here’s a mission statement: This blog and readers are people that enjoy life and love to laugh. If you don’t like it, do yourself a favor and go cut yourself instead of bitching to me. I will write about and post whatever gets my rocks off… I haven’t even delved into politics yet (which I probably won’t do anyways)…

     Everyone is welcome here. However, if you have nothing but hate then leave.

    On a finer note, I’ve added some links. Check them out on the blogroll… “A Fly A Day” is awesome. I don’t know the guy but his ambition and paintings are admirable. I’ll probably end up buying one of his paintings at some point (try to anyways).

-That brings up a question that I have: What’s the “etiquette” for adding blogs to your blogroll? I’m a newbie so I’ve always assumed that you should know the person first? I guess that isn’t true, you can just add “whoever.” I’ve seen blogs with a gajillion links…

I’m going to keep it simple here and just add the ones that I actually read.

So, I added  “Buster Wants to Fish.” I don’t know any of these lunatics (that’s a compliment) either but I’ve been reading their blog for a while now. They’re funnier than shi’ite. I like. There’s a collaboration of drunkard authors (that’s a compliment) over there and they “specialize” in fly-fishing…Good stuff it is.

AND…The best for last goes to my friend Snakeye and “Snakeye’s Frag.” He’s off playing “grab-ass” with the Army boys but he’ll be home soon…He has a cool site (thanks to his wife)…Shit, I just remembered that I owe him a sixer of good beer…


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A Tough Rotation


     I’ve been out of town for the past few days and I finally got caught up on the news, sports in particular. The highlight is the Mariners who have me excited for the upcoming season. We should be pretty good, especially with this bad-ass 5-man pitching rotation:

1. LH Eric Bedard

2. RH Felix Hernandez

3. RH Carlos Silva

4. LH Jarrod Washburn

5. RH Miguel Batista

     Batista led the team with 16 wins last year and for his efforts he got bumped to the #5 slot. Signing LHP Eric Bedard was a smart move and a huge acquisition. Adding Bedard splits up the rotation so that the “southpaws” don’t pitch on consecutive days (which is smart, back to back lefties was a disaster last year)…Providing that Washburn returns to true form, this rotation is going to be tough to beat.

     Then, there’s the talk of Barry Bonds coming to Seattle. I won’t lie, I’d love to see him bat 3rd in the lineup around Beltre and Sexson (or Ibanez).  The DH role is about all he’s good for so if the Mariners (Bill Bavasi) can give him some sort of “incentive laden” contract then I’m all for it. The Mariners obviously want to win and the owners are proving it…

GO M’s!

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A cheap shot at “da Bears”


     The Chicago Bears will keep Rex Grossman around for another year by giving him a 3 million-dollar contract to throw 30-40 interceptions…HA HA HA! Ah, the poor Bears. The downward spiral continues. I hope they get a decent QB in the draft?

This is just a cheap shot at Dan on the football blog and the other boys over at Life in the Great Midwest. It’s not that I hate the Bears, I’ve just never liked Rex Grossman (from his Florida college days). Plus, I love this picture and show it whenever I get a chance.


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Belly Boat Up…


      My float tube or “belly boat” had some serious funk on it. I “dug it out” last night to get it “ready” and quickly noticed that I hadn’t cleaned it off as well as I thought I had. Then again, I never really “put it away.” I was probably thinking that I’d use it within the next day or two…ooops…stuff happens and you forget… Fish slime provides some really neat mold/fungi/science projects…so, I gave “her” a quick scrub and she was good as new. Then, as an angler will often do, I pondered… Ah, the adventures we’ve had, ol’ belly boat.



Ah yes, the “belly boat.” The vessel that carries die-hard fishermen to a new level…Originally created for the angler that prefers small ponds and isolated backcountry lakes…It’s an inner-tube fixed with something to sit on…Genius.

The belly boat became widely available sometime in the late 70’s/early 80’s…I’ve heard that they were made sometime in the 40’s but didn’t catch on because they were too heavy…Probably true…That’s why we have boats and motors, right?

     I’m on my third (3rd) belly boat so far in my short 30 year old plus way of fishing…I have used boats, fished from the bank, plunked, waded barefoot, unfoiled trolling motors and won tournaments, dropped batteries, tipped canoes (2), popped rafts, dumped an outboard (not my fault), scratched a brand new bass boat while loading it and pissed in the wind because it was blowing in every direction.  

Therefore, I love the simplicity of the belly boat. There’s nothing complicated about it.



    “Perhaps fishing is, for me, only an excuse to be near rivers. If so, I’m glad I thought of it.” 

-Roderick L. Haig-Brown

A River never Sleeps (1946)



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     While visiting with some friends last weekend we somehow got on the topic of ‘best baseball movie ever.’ I said “Bull Durham.” That led to “best sports movie ever.” Again, I said ‘Bull Durham.’

-Does anybody want to guess at what I said when we got on the topic of “greatest movie ever?” …The Outlaw Josey Wales…AND ‘Bull Durham.’

ESPN put out a list of the top 20 sports movies of all time and I cringed when I looked at it. ‘Rudy’ is a great movie and it wasn’t even on the list; I can’t stand Notre Dame either. However, ‘Jerry Maquire’ ranked rather high. I still don’t understand how that happened, that movie sucks.

Therefore, in spirit of the upcoming baseball season (and baseball) I’m curious what some of my faithful readers “think” are the best BASEBALL movies, ever.

Here’s MY countdown list:

5. For Love of the Game: I expect to get crap for this pick…Yeah, another Costner baseball movie that even women will love. I still think Jerry Maguire sucks.

4. Major League: As corny as they come, it’s funny though.

3. The Sandlot: Great movie, kids like too.

2. The Bad News Bears: One of the first baseball movies I ever watched, this is a classic.

1. Bull Durham: “It’s an egg, hold it like an egg.”

That’s it, who has a better list?


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February Birfdays and that “Heart Holiday”

     I know 14 people that have “birfdays” this month (they’re good friends)…That’s just rediculous.

This week, HAPPY BIRFDAY to Emily, JMAC, Jerome and Scotty!

Then, there’s Valentine’s Day. Guys, don’t forget the roses and the edible biscuits & gravy flavored unspeakables.


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Roger that, A Legitimate Contender…


      It’s hard to believe but my calender isn’t lying to me, spring training is just around the corner. While pitchers and catchers report to training this week there’s one guy who will get all the attention while he attends a congressional hearing. Yep, Mr. Roger Clemens, AKA “the Rocket.”

Clemens is in it knee deep now after denying the use of steroids and HGH…Now, I know that most people don’t care but I have to admit that I have been glued to this story…It is a trainwreck waiting to happen so it’s hard to turn away. I have nothing against Clemens, I have always admired him as an athlete. He’s a fierce competitor and one of the best pitchers to ever play the game. He’s a 7-time Cy Young award winner, has over 350 wins, over 4600 strikeouts and is a lock for the Hall of Fame. If he’s lying about NOT using steroids though, kiss it all goodbye.

As much as I want to, I’m not sure if I believe Clemens. In his taped phone call with former trainer McNamee I wasn’t convinced that Clemens is innocent because he didn’t ask the right questions or say the right things. For starters, saying something along these lines would have been helpful: “Uh, dude, you’re lying your ass off, you better come clean or I’m going to fix you up with a pair of concrete shoes.” Clemens said nothing of the sort and “danced”around the whole subject.

Clemens has brass balls, I gotta hand him that. He’s willing to risk perjury charges and prison over these allegations. He can’t really be that stupid, can he?

Let’s just hope it’s over soon so we can all focus on the great game of baseball:


I love the fact that we signed this guy, Erik Bedard from the Orioles…The Mariners needed an ace like Bedard and by adding him we now have one of the best 1-2 combos in baseball (Bedard and Felix Hernandez)…

The Mariners surprised everyone last year by winning 88 games and finishing second in the AL west. They’re a good team and adding Bedard just makes them better. Winning 95-100 games isn’t out of question this year. They’ll still be better than the CUBS.

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