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3 day weekend…

Friends…Catch a few fish, enjoy a libation or three and thank a veteran!


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Swimming Upstream…

I have to do it.

Thanks to “Buster Wants To Fish” for the picture.

Hey, Hey-Get your Salmon here! Even the local media promoted the Copper River!

The next person that tells me “copper river salmon are the best” will win a lifetime certificate as a dumbass fisherpole.

Use your brain, friends.

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Beautiful Puget Sound…

There’s a ‘hot spell’ in Washington! It has been over 80 degrees for two (2) days running! Not to worry, we’ll be back to the upper 60’s soon.

Kamp and I took the ‘mutts’ on a brisk ‘hike’ this morning to help lose my “Mariners SUCK right now” hangover (click for larger):


-The sailboat races were ‘ON.’ I still don’t know how that’s orchestrated:

-The ‘glorious’ Olympic mountains towards the West:

-The two labs (black lab Railey and yellow lab Piper)…OR, as I prefer to call them, Ebony and Ivory:

This particular beach doesn’t get too much ‘traffic’ because it’s somewhat difficult to access (I know, everybody knows where it is)…I hadn’t been down there in 10 plus years but I was happy to see this:

Eeeew! What the hell is that?

Yup, Geoducks (pronounced Gooey-duck). I stuck my fingers in the siphon to make sure. I wasn’t surprised to find one or two but then I noticed handfuls of them (the siphons, or necks).

I got all giddy and was ready to head home to grab my digging garb. Then, I remembered that these beaches are closed for ‘shellfishing’ (only) due to biotoxins (not safe for ‘human’ consumption).

Ain’t that a bitch.



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A little support?

AAH Gawd, Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain is in the Seattle area today to take part in a ‘green meeting.’ He’s here to play ‘grab-ass’ with the ‘green’ crowd and discuss the environment.

Naturally, he was greeted with the typical onslaught of Seattle liberals/’peaceful protesters.’

I’m not a McCain fan. I never have been. But, he’s what WE have to work with. (click for larger)…

As most of you know, I’m a global warming skeptic. ALGORE won’t debate ANYBODY on the topic so he can continue to make ‘gajillions’ off of his “carbon set asides” pitch.

McCain is all over this BULLSHIT band wagon and it really ‘irritates’ me off (meeting with REI heads in Washington?)…Whatever. At least he’s showing that he cares about the environment, Washington.

Then, there are the Hypocrites (click for larger):

Maybe I’m being naive and Global Warming does exist. Well, I can’t dispute this picture, it clearly is happening (click for larger):

Okay, that’s funny. AND, using a clothes line to dry your ‘britches’ is ‘Green’ and good for the environment.

-Good luck with that Washington vote, Senator.

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Athletic Academics…

Yesterday, the NCAA released the Academic Progress Rate (APR) numbers for the 06-07 season. The NCAA cutoff score is 925 (out of 1000). I was pleased to see that the University of Washington football team scored 3rd in the pac-10 with a 948. Whew, no penalties or lost scholarships… 

Here are the Pac-10 football APR scores in descending order:

Stanford (shocker)-986

Cal (bezerkley)-967

Washington-948…I forgot to mention that we’re NOT A FU*$ING California team always trying to make “love in da club!”


UCLA-941(their new coach will lower that score soon)

Arizona State-933

Oregon State-926

AND these missed the 925 cut:

Oregon-921 (Blah-HA ha ha)!

Washington State-916 (Blah-Ha hah ha)!


The penalties for scoring below 925 vary; WSU is the only pac-10 team that will lose football scholarships.

-WSU had 8 players ‘depart’ that were not in ‘good academic standing.’

The NCAA says: “teams that score below 925 and have a student leave school academically ineligible can lose up to 10 percent of their scholarships.”

-Have fun with that, Cougars.

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Gentlemen, here’s a new ‘toy’ that is sure to get you evil looks from the wife or girlfriend!

For the baseball fanatic, It’s LIVEBOARD!

Having a tv or radio on at the office can be a distraction. Not with Liveboard! You simply input your favorite team, when that team’s game starts your scoreboard goes live! Sweet, simple enough!

Liveboard uses Bluetooth to fetch scores from your computer and wirelessly send them to the board. You can change the ‘modes’ to cycle through all the MLB scores as well!

The downside: For 200 bucks it should cover more than baseball. Maybe the College football version is next! I still want one just for shits and giggles…



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Bullpen Pain…

-A quick April wrap-up of the Mariners who go into NY tonight to take on Chien Ming Wang and the much hated Yankees.

At 13-16 and 3rd in the AL west the M’s are struggling to get the job done. Starting pitching has been ‘OK’ but the bullpen is killing us.

Closer JJ Putz blew a one-run lead in the 10th last night against the hated Tribe and then Mark Lowe simply fell apart in the 11th. Tribe took the series…

The bullpen has cost us a few close games so far this season. Ugly. Very Ugly.

The offense has been scoring runs and they’ve lit-up left handed pitching…If we can start getting the lead-off batters on base without 2 outs then we’ll be better off…That has definitely been a problem…

Richie Sexson belted a much needed HR last night to give him 6 for the season and 300 for his career. His average is still in the lower 200’s but that’s expected…A local Seattle ‘pub’ sells pints of beer based on his average (they were $1.90 most of last season)…

Regardless, 300 HR’s is no small accomplishment. Atta boy Richie:

Then, my beloved CUBS pissed one away last night too. Kerry Wood fell apart in relief (GAH)…Cubs still playing good ball but that NL Central race is going to be tight…That’s 2 series losses to the Bud Selig Brewers (which has cost me a half-rack to Dfm, that son of a bitch)…

This play cracked me up yesterday; there’s a train coming through and you’re on the tracks:

Prince should have flattened Soto but instead he got thrown out and flattened himself…

-Still lots of ball to play. See you at the Ballpark!

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