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Friday afternoon catch…

Summer might finally be here! The weather has been warmer (warming up) and that means some good things for fishing…

Jmac and I had a fun “fly-casting lesson” tonight…We hit the ol’ fishin’ hole that isn’t our favorite but it’s quick and convenient for both of us to meet at…We caught some nice fish this afternoon!

The bass are surprisingly STILL on their beds (spawning) and as a guy that USED to fish for them in tournament format; I figured that it might be fun to cast for a few today (the trout fishing has been sloooow in this specific lake)…I haven’t specifically fished for (or targeted) bass in a couple of years so I was happy to whack this largemouth:

Jmac was shocked, she’s never seen anything like it jump and roll all over the water (I got a kick out of it)…

Then, SHE caught the biggest fish she’s ever caught (this is her first year fishing)! A very nice holdover rainbow…She measured it at 13 and 1/2 inches…I measured it at 13″ even…Hmmm…She’s catching onto this ‘fish tale’ stuff! Regardless, it’s a good-sized trout!

In all her glory:

Then, it was “Vitamin R” time…

After that delicious treat we went back out for round two and continued to fish for trout…

THEN, I noticed an area that looked like a spot where a bass might ‘live’ so I made a couple of casts…

And, I was right:

I had a crowd (notice the condos in the background) for this one…Sweet…

Giddy-up. Those are nice largemouth for this lake and my grandpa is ‘shatting’ himself right now! HA!

Another great day of fishing! Nice work on the pics Jmac!

-So, I’m off to Idaho, leaving Sunday morning for a week… My ‘fishing vacation!’ I’ll probably shoot some guns! (for you ‘case sensitive’ readers that means bb guns)…

I’ll try to post while in Idaho but if I don’t:

EVERYBODY HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4th! Shoot some guns!!!


– Go Majestics!!! Beat that Oregon ass!


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“King Felix”

“Get out the rye bread and mustard grandma! It’s grand salami time!”

HAYUL YEAH! The first Mariner pitcher in history to hit a Homerun!

Then he injured himself and is probably out for 2 months…

Ahh, a bad season continues to get worse…

I don’t have much to say (nice or productive) about Mclaren getting fired either…We’ll just tough it out M’s fans…

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Party Rock Band

…Say what you will about those ’80’s hair bands,’ Bret Michaels and band know how to entertain…

 The ‘Rock of Love’ tour hit the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma Friday night and as a(n) “80’s rocker” I had to be there…VIP treatment and all!

 The near capacity crowd was ‘good and lubed’ when the band hit the stage after an introduction from Michaels’ personal security guard ‘Big John.’

We ‘somehow’ managed to sneak a few poor-quality pictures (from phone) without security getting too upset:

The frontman blazed through a set-list of old ‘Poison’ songs that we all know and love; admit it or not.

Some highlights included ‘Look what the cat dragged in,’ ‘Talk dirty to me,’ ‘Nothing but a good time,’ and a cover of ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

I gotta hand it to him, he’s the consummate performer…I think everybody had a smile on their face…

 Are some of the songs cheesy? Absolutely.

Is the music let loose, party and have fun? You bet it is. That’s all that really matters.

And WOW, my head sure hurt the next morning…What a blast!

 –Girls use to talk dirty to me, now it just really hurts when I pee…But I’m too stoned to really give a damn…

…Cause I sing for my Party Rock Band…

How can you not have fun to those lyrics?

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Nice Tan, dude…

Who you callin’ redneck!?

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Seattle Majestics.!?

     While I like to think that I do a pretty good job of keeping up with events around Seatown (especially sports) there is one that I have completely missed. I didn’t even know that it existed; let alone that there’s a 41 team league:

The Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) and the Seattle Majestics:

Say what you will guys, these ladies are playing the game for the right reason: Because they love it.

They don’t get paid millions of dollars, most have REAL jobs and pay their own expenses (fees, equipment, travel).

Three active ‘Majestic’ players funded the team last season, that includes a $4500 franchise fee to the IWFL and they manage an annual budget of about $80,000.

The Majestics play at Memorial Stadium (Seattle Center) and draw about 350 fans a game…They’re also undefeated (7-0) and one of the best teams in the league. They play their final regular season game in Corvalis tomorrow vs. rival Oregon Pride…

I’m sold. I need to see this. Hopefully they’ll have a playoff game here soon. I would much rather watch these ladies play football than watch the Sonics anyday…


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“The Natural”

…Ode to a player that quite possibly might be the greatest of MY generation. If not, I love this guy anyways for NOT taking steroids.

Yup. That 89 #1Upper Deck rookie is the ‘prized’ baseball card of the era…Like the 52′ Mantle and ITS generation…One of my favorites…

Well done, Junior, congrats on 600 Homeruns…

 Now please come back to Seattle and be our DH!!!

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Fool’s Paradise…

The crusty ol’ troutbum has returned with another book…

Of course, I’m talking about ‘legendary’ author John Gierach…If you’ve been involved in the ‘angling’ world for more than 15 minutes you might know who he is…A couple of his ‘famous’ books are ‘Troutbum’ and “Sex, Death and Fly-Fishing.”

…He writes about fly-fishing, the outdoors, good flies, bamboo, sex, death, leaky waders, small streams and bad coffee…He manages to do it all with…uh, kind of a good-hearted, smart-ass sense of philosophy and an all-American spirit…He’s been a favorite of mine ever since my ‘old man’ (MY fishing sensei) introduced one of his books to me about 10 years ago:

-“Son, read this book, I think you’ll like this guy.” -The book was ‘Standing in a River Waving a Stick.’ I had heard about Gierach but I didn’t care to read any books ‘about’ fishing. I would rather ‘be fishing.’ But…

…I read it and loved it. I laughed at it and understood it. Gierach hit a ‘note’ with me. It was as if my old man had “written” that book. The upbringing, the way of life and the ‘philosophy’ all made sense. I was an instant Gierach fan.

SO, I just finished his new book:


 I don’t mean ANY disrespect but Gierach is like ‘McDonald’s.’ Meaning, everytime you order something from there you always know exactly what you’re going to get. For most people, that is very comforting…I’m one of those people. Usually…

‘Fool’s Paradise’ is another venture into the stories of an angler that we all wish we could be and THEN write about…It’s nice to hear that the ‘Troutbum’ has done some fishing in Washington and Idaho…Again…

You don’t have to be an angler to enjoy Gierach, there’s plenty more that he writes about. The great thing about him is that everybody will find a piece for themselves somewhere. I have to admit though, his stories were a ‘teeny-tiny’ more fun before he quit drinking.

I had the pleasure of meeting him about 3 or 4 years ago while he was doing a book signing for ‘Still Life with Brook Trout.’ He was at a downtown Seattle ‘FLY SHOP’ that doesn’t get my business (sorry guys).

I left work early to go get my books signed. I walked in and there he was, all alone reading and drinking coffee. I walked up and introduced myself:

-“Pleasure to meet you, would you mind signing my books?”

“Sure, sure, no problem.”

-“Are you doing any fishing while you’re here?”

“No, I can’t, there’s no time on this trip.”

-“Alright, well, pleasure to meet you.”

And that was that… I was on the ferry heading home I thought to myself: “Dude, you just acted like a 13 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert.”

I had to laugh, it was out of character for me. I didn’t even ask to get a picture with him, I chickened out. Asking for a picture would have been too pussy.

-Good writers have that effect…

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