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Bad Century…


Yes, I am a MARINER fan. I’m ALSO a Chicago CUBS fan (long story). Between the two, I’m use to losing.

This year marks the 100th anniversary since the CUBS last won the World Series (1908). They’re finally one of the better teams in baseball and have a shot at going all the way.

Is that going to happen? Heh, I wouldn’t bet on it. They’re the CUBS.

If we can win this series vs. the BUD SELIG Brewers we have a chance…

-Notch game (1) ONE for the CUBS! A great game! It’s what baseball is all about.

-Suck it Brewers!

-Uh, boys, I know he’s new but CC really DOES NEED your defensive help. No more Hot Dogs, Prince:

3 more to go, Suckas!

Hmmm…I smell somethin’. Must be the fish.


-BOOYAH! That’s 3 in a row! Who’s your daddy Milwaukee!? The name is Ryan Dempster:

Rough night for Brewer pitching:

What do you say, BUD?

Going for the SWEEP tomorrow!

I know a Brewers fan that FINALLY owes me a sixer!

I Love the CUBS:



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Say It Ain’t So…

Wasn’t just me this time…ha!  JJ got skunked too!  As you can see, he was very philosophical about it…

It started off well enough – – another fishing adventure at a new lake.  This one was cool because it was really hard to access (there’s no boat launch), so it was pretty deserted and had lots of places for the fish to hide. 

And things started off strong!  We were fishing for bass, getting LOTS of bites.  And then…nothing. 

Oh well, I don’t feel too bad for him.  At least he can console himself with the last fishing adventure.  These are a couple pictures of him with the beautiful trout he caught last time we went fishing.  I won’t tell the story…but it’s a good one.  Ask him.

And of course, that’s just one of the however many fish he caught…

Needless to say, I was absolutely DYING to catch a fish at the end, so I could say I got one when he didn’t…trust me, if that ever happens, that post will be much longer than this one.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back to that lake again.  He’ll catch a fish there before summer’s over…I’d bet money on it.

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“Swung on and Belted!”

“Swung on and belted”…Into Cooperstown!

Ah yes, the ‘voice’ that we all know, love and admire will be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame today.

Mr. Dave Niehaus:

-The voice of the Mariners since their inaugural 1977 season in the Kingdome, Dave has been there with all of us through the highs and lows. I think every baseball fan in Seattle loves him. How could you not with all of his famous ‘slogans?’

-“Get out the rye bread and mustard grandma, it’s grand salami time!”


-“That ball will fly, fly away!”

Thank you for all the memories and representing the city of Seattle Mr. Niehaus.

“My OH MY!” Congratulations!

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Another Fishing Lesson

As he mentioned in earlier posts, JJ is teaching me how to fly fish…had another lesson the other day..and I’m going to call this one ‘How to Catch Fish.’

I just want to point out that when we started the lessons I was BEYOND a beginner.  First I read a little book about the basics…then we moved on to knots.  We literally spent an entire lesson with me practicing tying two knots.  (There was even a quiz during this lesson:  unfortunately, I can always remember how to tie them and never remember what they’re called…it’s a surgeon’s knot, JJ.  Duh.)

From knots, we moved to the water – I’ve been told the best way to learn is just to start doing.  It took me some time to get the hang of the belly boat (my nickname was ‘Magellan’ for awhile).  And then the first few times we went out, I didn’t even cast my own line…I focused on retrieving and trying to get a feel for when the fish bites and, of course, what to do once they’re actually on the line.

Next came casting.  First lesson was on the lawn.  I’m a better ‘lawn caster’ than I am on the water.  Excellent tip from the teacher:  practice casting on the lawn sitting in a chair – ha!  Casting is still VERY MUCH a ‘work in progress.’  In other words, I suck at it!

And that brings us to yesterday’s lesson.  We visited two lakes, the second of which I had never been to before.  We spent most of our time there, which was great because it was gorgeous!!  I really prefer the lakes where there aren’t a lot of people/houses around…obviously they’re not as convenient, but they’re just…better.

Lake 1:

Lake 2:

Things started slow.  JJ caught an itty bitty bass at the first lake.  Isn’t he cute??  (I’m talking about the fish, of course…)

Since bass fishing was slow and the trout were absolutely NOT biting, we moved on to Lake #2.  Big improvement…for one of us.  He was getting bit like crazy, and he ended up catching something like 6 or 7 fish total (yes, dude, I know that’s three dolla…just add that to my tab, ok?).

As for me?  While I learned all kinds of stuff…what kind of flies to tie on (this is part of EVERY lesson), how NOT to tie on a fly, how to start figuring out where to look for fish, etc…this lesson really came down to casting practice…because I didn’t catch a single fish!!

I even tried bass fishing for a little while…and I DID get bit!  But no fish for me…I guess it happens?!  Other people coming off the lake were having similar issues, so I didn’t feel AS bad…but my teacher clearly didn’t ‘get the memo’ on this whole ‘no catching fish’ thing…which is why he’s the teacher, I suppose.  So in addition to casting practice, I got ‘schooled’ on how to catch fish, as I watched it happen over and over again…

…and took pictures.  Lots of pictures of JJ catching fish, plus some other stuff just for fun.  At this rate, I’m thinking I may be able to go ‘pro’ by the end of fishing season…as a photographer, though, NOT as a fisherman.  Ha! 

Ok, maybe not so much…no worries…still a fun day of fishing and another successful lesson.

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What I don’t know about fishing…

  A post for the readers that have questions about “fishing.”

-ASK ME. I’ll use my “experienced knowledge” (HA!) to answer your questions.

-I won’t bullshit ya or try to sell you anything (hint hint Orhhhmmmvis, Raindeeer beeeerze)…

Seriously, I fish for me and my personal enjoyment. If friends join me I’m happy.

SO, here’s what I don’t know about fishing:

-being a guide is tough. Tip them. Here’s an example: look both ways before you back the boat into those rocks…That’s a good tip.

-fishing ‘upstream?’ Puh-leeze.

-The Guide is the Captain. Respect it.

-The END!

Comments appreciated…

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Bite of Summer…

This stretch of good weather in the PNW is Sweeeeeeet! I love it. Everybody seems to be in a better mood and ‘out’ enjoying the long sunny days…I personally had a non-stop, go-get-um weekend and I didn’t even go fishing…

Has anybody ever been to a wedding that involved a marriage between Catholic and Mormon families? Drama! I had 7 or 8 Mormon ‘ladies’ tell me that I was a sinner for drinking but they all wanted to ‘have’ my children…-at the same time. Huh?

The catholics drank and had fun celebrating while the ‘other’ party gave ‘evil eye’ and petitioned for polygamy…HAHHA! (Okay, that’s funny. If you’re offended I don’t give a shit so leave).

…It was a great wedding. Congrats Erin and Josh!

So, WE got shit housed all night and still managed to get up early the next morning to attend the “Bite of Seattle.”

We decided that we would do our part to “reduce the carbon footprint” and indulge in public transportation. Man, we are hungover here:

The ‘Bite of Seattle’ is a food festival. It’s rows and rows of food booths that I guess “represent some of the best foods that this city (Seattle) has to offer.”

Well, I hate to say it but that’s a lie. I’ve been going to the “Bite of Seattle” for years (15-20?) and it’s still the same. In fact, the last time that I went was 3 years ago and the same booths are still there, in the same location with the same food. Same long lines and crowds. There was NOTHING new.

Thank god for Beer Gardens and good company:

You can always get ya some ‘Gator on a stick’ though! Surprisingly it tastes like…uh…Chicken. Well screw me, everything tastes like chicken when it’s deep fried!

Of course, the Salmon was popular:

That’s about it. Every food booth there was something that you could easily ‘DO’ on your own. I was not impressed but I didn’t expect to be. It’s always the same food booths. Sad.

Key Arena is right there so Sonics gear was on sale (HA)!

I’ve been to less than a dozen Sonic games in my life (that’s more than mayor Nickels)! I’m not a fan of watching basketball. I am pissed that we are losing the Sonics though. I’ll save that forest for the trees…

All in all, the beer/ wine garden and ‘people watching’ at the ‘Bite of Seattle’ are the most entertaining aspects…I don’t think I’ll be back unless they get some better (new) food.

My hungover ‘posse’ agrees:

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Helping Mom: Priceless

I mentioned in one of the comments that I was ‘helping’ my mom with her garden party this past weekend.  Not my first choice to spend a sunny afternoon passing out drinks and food to her friends…but, she’s my mom and I adore her…she asked for my help with her party, so I helped.

To keep myself entertained in between filling wine glasses and re-filling the shrimp tray, I took pictures of her garden…which was absolutely gorgeous!!

My mother created her garden from scratch, all by herself.  When she moved in, there was nothing back there but some grass and dirt.  Over the past 3+ years, I think she’s read virtually every gardening book that has been written!  Each plant has been carefully selected and placed in just the ‘right’ spot.  It may look a little chaotic, but there is definitely a method to her madness!  (For the college football fans…if you look closely, you will see the purple and gold section…she’s a HUGE Husky fan…go DAWGS!)

This is an island of flowers in the middle of her backyard…it used to just be lawn, but that was too boring for her!

Same island, opposite view.

This is her hummingbird garden.

A few close-ups of the flowers…

Turns out that hanging out in the sun in a beautiful garden is not such a bad deal…and the leftovers were delish!

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