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The whole first year…

     Well, I guess I should get another post in this year…

…I’ve been ‘somewhat’ busy the past month with the holidays, the work and I’m getting married in May so there’s that “wedding planning thing” that is NOT my idea of a good time (why do women put us guys through this torture?)…I honestly don’t care what colors the flowers and such are; just make sure there’s good food, wine, beer and whiskey when it’s all over with!

Anyways, here comes another new year and a 1st ‘birfday’ for the DAWG BLAWG…It’s been a fun year of  ‘blogging’ and I’ve met a few new people and created some new friendships (which is the whole point, I think)…This ‘Blawg’ has done better than I thought it would and we have a loyal fan base here…So, we’re going to keep rollin’ along and hopefully keep you reading and entertained…

…The fishing and the UW Huskies football posts seem to be popular which is great because those are two of my favorite ‘things’…Plus, I’m not much of a writer ( I leave that to JMAC) but discussing my ‘hobbies’ is easy…Incidentally, the most popular ‘post’ here this year was one of the first ‘ones’ I wrote… “Belly Boat Up.”

So, some things to look forward to at the  ‘DAWG BLAWG’ in 2009:  There will naturally be plenty of fishing and fish ‘stuff’ (new students!)…There will be UW football and hopefully some victories…There will be vacations…There will be me hating the media…There will be MLSoccer as Seattle welcomes our ‘new’ team and I have season tickets…There will be baseball and baseball rants…There will be plenty of libations…There will be a wedding…And last but not least there will be laughs and fun, as always…

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year to YOU!


(photo credit to the other DAWG BLAWG author JMAC on a day that she got skunked.)


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Merry Merry to you and yours…

It’s unbelievable to me that it’s Christmas Eve!  Between all the snow and the festivities (and the work!!), it completely snuck up on me!

For the first time that I can remember, it looks like we’re headed for a white Christmas in Seattle.  It’s been snowing for days, and even though it’s warming up, it probably won’t be enough to totally melt all the snow that’s out there.


It’s been beautiful with all the white stuff on the ground…but with the way this city handles all of that, it’s also been a royal pain (for those of us who aren’t driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle, anyways).

Regardless, it’s Christmas!  And I’m looking forward to spending the next couple days with my family, enjoying our holiday traditions…one of which is watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve.

There are a number of good ones, but I have my favorites:

Starting with my personal ‘old school’ favorite – – White Christmas with Bing Crosby (seems especially appropriate this year!)


And then a more modern favorite – – Love Actually.


Other favorites include:

– National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

– Miracle on 34th Street

– It’s a Wonderful Life

– A Christmas Story

We’ll see which movie we end up watching…there’s usually some sort of ‘discussion’ between me and my brother.  (And that’s half the fun!)

I hope you all enjoy your own holiday festivities with your friends and families!  


– – – Here’s wishing a very Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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Ski Season Begins…

Earlier this year, I started learning how to fish…not too much of that happening currently, but ski season opened yesterday and I had my first ski lesson today!


I’ve been wanting to learn to ski for awhile…and even tried it briefly once.  Some ‘good’ friends decided it would be a ‘good’ idea to take the rookie to a run that was past my skill level and just let me figure out how to get down.  I haven’t tried it again since then…

But when my friend, Andy, said he’d teach me how to ski (he used to be an instructor), I got myself a pass and it was on!

Just like fishing, the first thing we had to figure out was what gear to buy.  Besides my ski pass, the only thing I bought was boots – – I borrowed the pants from Andy (which is hilarious…sort of like borrowing waders from my brother).   I borrowed the coat, gloves, hat, goggles and skis from his girlfriend.  And now I’m set for awhile…

Lesson one:  The Basics. 

We (Andy, me, and his 6-year old son) went to the ‘carpet’ at Snoqualmie.  First, I literally learned to put my skis on.  After that, I learned how to stop (aka a wedge, aka pizza). 

Once I proved I could stop, Andy took us up the carpet on the tiniest little hill EVER and I learned how to turn.  The guy running the carpet thought it was hilarious…and it was.  It was pretty much me and a bunch of little kids.

Whatever.  I got a little confidence going and we headed for the chairlift.  For the bunny hill, of course…



All in all, it was a great first day.  

While I may have gotten my ass kicked by a 6-year old (who’s been skiing for 3 years) and while I’m sure I looked like an idiot in the process…I learned a ton, figured out how to get down the hill in one piece and only fell a couple times on the way…I had an absolute blast!


Me and my fellow student.

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Holiday Sweater…

-UPDATED, again. And again.

…The rivers are “whacked” (right now), CFB season is over (for most), the crowded lakes are closed (pffffff) and it’s too damn cold to even bother…No baseball, no fishing, no outdoor activity unless I’m walking the dogs…It’s winter and it sucks…

All I can do is chop firewood, build a fire, tie flies and wear fancy sweaters:


Yep…I dare you to top that one…

Send your ‘holiday sweater’ picture to me and the winner will win some ‘gentleman jack’ or something…


From some cheeky boys around Fresno:


-Wow–These are going to be hard to top:


Oh, nevermind:


Not too bad:


Jmac showing her fancy sweater:


From Sk8rat…This is just wrong and sissy. So’s the sweater. Poor Shasters:


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Holiday Festivities

Tis the holiday season…and that means festivities and celebrations aplenty!  

Things started on Friday with a White Elephant exchange at a friend’s house.  I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more ‘stealing’ during the gift exchange.  And none of the gifts were too bad, although someone did bring a record – – Culture Club.  I think that’s going to end up for sale online…

To add to the fun, we had an ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ contest too.  Shockingly, I don’t seem to have any good pictures of MY Christmas sweater…sequins, jingle bells, and some fuzzy balls for Santa’s hat…but I didn’t win.  The judges told me it was ‘too cute.’  Huh.


My friends here didn’t win either.  The winner…well, all I can say is there was a goose on the front and shoulder pads…it was awesome.


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New Man on Campus?


Although not official (yet), here’s the new University of Washington football coach:

USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian:


Heh, no wonder Pat Hill and Mike Leach backed out…I’ll update this later once it’s official…

-Also posted at the Saturday Football Update



(Picture courtesy of  DFM…Thanks dude!)

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