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Paging Doctor Spratley…

“Doc Spratley” (modified)

Hook: Mustad 9671, whatever, sizes 8-10 (also 1x)

Tail and Beard Hackle: Grizzly (I prefer it thicker)

Body: Black wool

Rib: Silver tinsel

Wing: Pheasant tail

Head: Peacock herl


-As the story goes:

The late Dick Prankard of tulip infested Mt. Vernon Washington originated the pattern around 1949…While he was tying the fly, his friend doctor Spratley (I believe a dentist?) came into the store and asked Dick what the name was…Dick replied “I think I’ll call it the Doc Spratley.”

As a ‘wee little lad,’ this pattern was introduced to me for steelhead, tied in larger 1x sizes and it produces…However, a couple of years ago I started tying them in (original) smaller sizes and use them on lakes where the fat caddis flies roam (which is their purpose, I believe)…

This fly is deadly…My only problem with it is that the strand of peacock herl used for the head usually gets broken and comes unwound after a couple of fish slam it…I need to tinker with ‘fixing’ that somehow…

I was using this pattern to sore-mouth some trout the other night at a lake that I frequent regularly and know rather well…I had never used a “Doc Spratley” on that specific lake before…

It was tough to keep them off…I fished for 1 hour and released 14 trout all 11-13 inches…That’s not a fish story, I was amazed too, especially after opening weekend when this specific lake gets slammed:


Uh, so you might notice a broken net (handle and netting) in the above photo…I usually don’t net fish (don’t need to) but I did a few times that day for photos…Snap! I got my $19.99 and 5 years worth out of that net…I had to cut that fish loose from the netting…

Also, I caught 4 fat perch while using the “Doc Spratley.” I’ve never caught perch out of this lake before (probably because I don’t target them) but it was fun catching them (they come with the grill marks already on them!):


I had to keep that perch because she somehow a$$holed the fly…I guess that the “ol Doc Spratley” is rather versatile…

Here’s what was left of it afterwards:


And as for the net? Well, its stinky goodness rests with my dogs:



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The ‘Keep’ is back…

SOUNDERS 2, San Josie 0

…Aside from making San Josie look stupid, there’s not much to report about this victory at home…Goal’keep’ Keller is back where he belongs and made a difference…Another good crowd tonight!


After spending most of the afternoon indulging in some ‘old timey’ downtown taverns, we somehow ended up joining the SOUNDER nation crowd for a  pre-game march from occidental park to the Stadium…Pretty cool…I love the fact that one of the team owners joins the crowd too:


Atta boy, Drew…

See ya’ll at the next one!

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Opening weeks…

…It’s always fun soremouthin’ these little fellas before gobs and gobs of powerbait and crawlers get winged at them…


I like to think that I kicked it off in style while indulging in some fine Wisconsin beer…


If not, I can always start a turtle farm…If cooked correctly; I hear they taste pretty good too…


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