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The Bark is Back…

The Huskies are taking on the Spoiled Chil’ren this Saturday…This matchup is personal…Get a ticket, come tailgate and bring champagne…


…Go get em DAWGS…


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Happy Father’s day to all of you DADS that teach us everything important…


Love ya old man…

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Perfect timing…

Ah, back from 2 weeks of getting married and honeymoon on Maui…It was a success and my wife and I couldn’t be happier…However, there’s another story that needs to be told.

…About a week before we left for Maui, I came home late from fishing and found a nicely wrapped package on my desk…My wife stood by with camera in hand so I was confused—“It’s not my birfday, it’s not any kind of anniversary, I didn’t get a promotion, wtf!?”

—“Just open it” She said…

Maui 09 #2 002

…The pee stick doesn’t lie:

Maui 09 #2 007

…As one of my friends put it “We weren’t too worried about trying not to try” but it definitely comes as a surprise and I couldn’t be happier:

Maui 09 #2 001

So, we decided to break the news to our families during the reception dinner after the marriage ceremony last Saturday…Somehow, everybody seemed to know already! I guess that the extra “lovely lbs” are starting to show on my wife already…I joked about putting a padlock on the fridge…The expected arrival date? January 1st (we all know that the DAWGS won’t be at the Rose Bowl, or any bowl)…No kidding…

Maui 09 #2 136

Once again, we couldn’t be happier…

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Before I hurt my knees, I had planned a ski trip to Sun Peaks, Canada with a group of friends. Since I’m not one to let a “little” detail like two busted up knees ruin my vacation, I signed myself up for a dog-sled ride instead.

My friends dropped me off…crutches and all. The guide (Brent) took one look at me and instantly went into all the reasons I should not go on the ride – – tipping sleds, bumpy trails, etc. – – he could not persuade me. Finally, he just said “Well, you signed the waiver!” And it was on…


The first thing I saw when I got there was this open field with ~ 45 dogs. They were each chained to a pole next to a little wooden house. When they saw me, they started running around in circles around the poles, wearing down a path. It made me pause…the one thing I was not prepared for was that the animals would be treated badly.

But after 2 minutes talking to the people who work there and interacting with the dogs, it was easy to see they take very good care of their animals. Even though these dogs take this “job” very seriously, they’re still dogs and they were very happy…playing and rolling around in the snow!


This place does two runs a day (two sleds with six dogs each) and the dogs are rotated through, so each dog typically only runs once a day. This little guy had already done his morning run, so he was just hanging out on top of his house!


The approach at this place is very “hands-on” so the other people who were going in their own sled actually helped pull the dogs together and get them ready for the ride. I couldn’t exactly help, so I just stood around and took pictures most of the time.


As soon as these dogs realized it was time to go for a ride, they went NUTS! 45 dogs barking and howling all at one time…that’s LOUD! (I have a little video of this happening and I will try to add it here…)

Anyways, since I couldn’t “mush” my own sled, I had to have a guide. They helped me into the sled, and away we went! The whole ride was probably about 45 minutes – uphill, downhill – too short but fun, very fun.


And then we stopped and my guide took pictures for me…my dogs (front to back, left to right): Red Dog, CJ, Tim, Crunch, Rugar & Bush. They were pretty feisty and a few of them kept fighting at different points…


This is a closer up of me bundled up in my sled. Bush is on the left and Rugar is on the right…


I think this picture looks like we’re actually moving…because the dogs are all leaning forward, like they’re actually pulling. The only time they truly relaxed was when they brought out the beef popsicles for a snack…


Anyways, I really enjoyed my dog-sledding adventure! I would recommend it to anyone…

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Welcome, “Dubs”

The University welcomes it’s 11th Alaskan Malamute as the school mascot:


“Dubs” (after the “hip vernacular U-Dub”) will make his Husky Stadium debut on Sept. 5th vs. LSU:


Cute little bastard, now I REALLY want one:


Mr. Linde (aka Malamute) has a great story about the history of  ‘DAWGS’ Here.

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This one really chapped my hide:

How do you raise money to clear a $6 billion deficit?  Well, if you’re (WA) Gov. Christine Gregoire you open more liquor stores! That’s her brilliant “plan” anyways…


WHAT? How was this woman elected? (Never mind, I already know)…

The State doesn’t belong in the ‘booze’ business (or any business for that matter) yet I’ll bet you a double-shot of 80 proof that WA voters support it!..While we are at it, lets just let the state control all business…Yay socialism!

It doesn’t make sense for the State to hire more workers (pensions, benefits etc), pay for more property, overhead and grease the palms of dipsh1t politicians…Where’s the income to clear the deficit!?!? STOOOOPID!

This is from the WSLCB; the price breakdown for each bottle of liquor sold:

Distillery price: 25%

Fed tax: 16%

Mark up: 25%

State Tax: 34%

-Wouldn’t it make MORE sense to just leave liquor sales to private owners (grocery stores, etc) and collect the tax!? NOPE, the state needs to have its greedy little hands in YOUR pocket…and continue to spend more money…

I’m sure that the other states (CA) that have “non-government controlled liquor retailing” make a ton of money, create jobs and everybody (including the state) wins…

We can’t seem to figure out ‘free enterprise’ in Washington and that the state government is the enemy…Maybe that’s why there’s a $6 billion deficit…

And where’s the money for my gotdamn Husky Stadium upgrade, Christine!?

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New Man on Campus?


Although not official (yet), here’s the new University of Washington football coach:

USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian:


Heh, no wonder Pat Hill and Mike Leach backed out…I’ll update this later once it’s official…

-Also posted at the Saturday Football Update



(Picture courtesy of  DFM…Thanks dude!)

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